Artificial intelligence in sports improves efficiency over time by making fan satisfaction, analysis, highlighting, and refereeing simpler to understand. The use of sports data analytics has grown significantly. Experts in ROORA annotation have assisted businesses in extracting useful data from sporting events, including greyhound racing, cricket, and soccer. Get us to optimise your AI models for learning.

Player Tracking

In order to handle high-quality training data for real-time field tracking module training, this includes annotating players from photos or video footage using bounding boxes. Basketball, football, volleyball, and other games are commonly the subjects of this kind of annotation.

Annotation Validation

You can validate the model-generated annotations after doing Quality annotation. This entails evaluating your data and fixing any irregularities that appear in it appropriately.

Semantic segmentation

Annotation can help you segment players from game footage and use those segments to generate valuable insights for your model. Semantic or instance segmentation services are available.

Poses and actions

Create outstanding position and action tracking models by identifying various player postures and actions using key points and polylines


Develop your AI to comprehend the rules of the game and assist referees in making judgements where human senses fall short.

Racing Game Analytics

We annotate and process high quality AI training data sets for racing game analytics solutions.