AI in the e-commerce and retail sector is giving consumers a far better shopping experience by adding a whole new dimension to the fashion and e-commerce area. Only with high-quality AI training data for retail and shopping facilities is artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning conceivable in selling, vending, and wholesale. Numerous AI use cases in retail and online shopping demonstrate how AI & automation may assist sellers in streamlining the selling process and provide buyers with a positive purchasing experience.

Customer sentiment analysis

By observing customers' facial expressions and dilated pupils, one can determine how they feel about the things that are displayed on the shelves.

Product Recognition

To facilitate product recognition in smart counters of retail businesses, we mark products chosen by customers in accordance utilising bounding boxes.

Barcode Analysis

By precisely annotating barcodes that are present on the product using bounding boxes, we process high-quality data for training smart billing systems used in retail outlets.

Stock Analysis

We annotate retail store shelves and products in the shelves for training smart retail shopping systems.

Shoppers Tracking

We process high quality AI model training data set for Shopper tracking and analysis which is done by annotating each shoppers using bounding boxes.

Gender Classification

We process high quality training data set for gender identification computer vision models by differentiating and annotating people accordingly. We analyze, label and track poses & gestures of persons in a video using key/skeletal points.

Body Attribution

We analyze body features and annotate attributes like age, height, outfit, gender, etc. using various techniques.