AI in insurance refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology in the insurance industry to automate processes, reduce fraud, improve customer service and enhance risk management. It allows insurers to process data faster, make more accurate predictions and ultimately offer better coverage and pricing to their customers.

Vehicle Damage Assesment

It helps to recognize and analyze the extent and location of damage to a vehicle to determine the correct insurance claims amount. It also helps you to reduce the time it takes for customers to receive their payouts and avoid claims leakage, saving insurers money. Let us handle the convoluted tasks, letting you focus on your end-users.

Claims management

Utilize efficient detection models based on transparent data and precise labelling to automate claim registration and document validation.

Fraud detection

Give AI-powered models the ability to spot subtle patterns of fraud, such phoney photos or false papers.

Virtual inspections

Construct computer vision assistants that can inspect and evaluate homes, buildings, and apartments based on your insurance metrics.