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We are the leading provider of high-quality data labeling services for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Based in Bangalore, India, we specialize in helping businesses and organizations around the world harness the power of ML and AI. Our skilled workforce consists of expert data analysts, software developers, and quality assurance specialists, who are committed to delivering accurate and efficient data labeling solutions. With our cutting-edge technology and innovative approach, we help our clients save time and resources, while improving the accuracy and effectiveness of their ML and AI applications.

"Annotated Labels are added to sensor data that provide contextual information to autonomous cars. This information helps the cars learn from examples and accurately identify and classify objects in their environment. Autonomous cars use machine learning algorithms to learn from annotated data, becoming more accurate as more annotated data is fed into the algorithm"

What makes R o o r a different?

Our data labeling services for ML/AI provide high-quality annotated data to train and validate your algorithms. Maximize the accuracy and efficiency of your models with Roora's expert team and scalable platform. Trust us to label your data, so you can focus on innovation.

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Annotation techniques

Image annotation techniques in AI involve the process of adding metadata or labels to images, to train machine learning algorithms to recognize and classify visual elements. Techniques include bounding boxes, semantic segmentation, and object detection, and are used in applications such as autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, and medical imaging. Accurate and efficient image annotation is crucial for AI systems to achieve high performance and improve human-computer interaction.

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Industries we Serve

R o o r a provides annotation services for machine learning, catering to various industries such as healthcare, automotive, retail, and more. With expertise in image, video, and text annotation, Roora supports use cases such as object detection, sentiment analysis, and OCR. By improving data quality and accuracy, Roora helps businesses enhance their AI models and drive better insights and decisions.